Our history

From the moment it was founded and throughout its history, MAYA has always operated on the basic principle of exchanging information with the users of its products. On top of it, it has always had an ongoing preoccupation with adapting its products to various and varying working conditions.

Other goals are specialising in the manufacturer of corn and sunflower harvesting heads and fine-tuning its after-sales service. The result of all of this has been a constant influx of customers which trust our brand and products.

This striving for technical and human development has allowed us to gain a foothold in the Spanish agricultural market and introduce our products in international markets.


MAYA is currently the only manufacturer out there who specialises in corn and sunflower harvesting heads, which can be fully adapted to fit any make and model of combine harvester and silage cutter..

Thanks to our experience of over 40 years in this sector, we know the world of combines and corn and sunflower harvesting inside out.

In our facilities, located in a strategic industrial and agricultural enclave of the town of Ejea de los Caballeros , all our products are manufactured.

Concerned about the constant innovation and modernization of our products, from its conception phase to the assembly phase, with the aim of offering a robust, reliable, versatile, simple machine with minimal market maintenance For the most demanding professionals.

MAYA has a tireless team of qualified professionals who are distributed in a wide organisational structure whose end purpose is customer satisfaction.